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Top 17 Best Polaris RZR XP 1000 Accessories & Performance Mods for 2019

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Right off of the dealership’s showroom floor the RZR XP 1000 is an insanely capable machine. But there are numerous Polaris RZR XP 1000 Accessories and aftermarket upgrades available that can make them even better. Here we will outline what we think are the best upgrades available now to improve your machine even further. Instead of narrowing it down to the best brands available we will instead focus on the most popular XP 1000 upgrades, starting off with the ones we feel are the most important.


  1. Race Harnesses
  2. Windshield
  3. Rear View Mirrors
  4. Trail Tools & Spare Parts
  5. Recovery Gear
  6. Skid Plates
  7. Doors
  8. Stereo System
  9. Factory Upgrade CVT Clutch Belt
  10. Aftermarket Roll Cage
  11. Off-Road Lights – LED Light Bars
  12. Higher Quality Off-Road Tires Specific to your terrain.
  13. Stronger Aftermarket Wheel Studs
  14. Aftermarket Seats
  15. Exhaust System
  16. Fuel Controller
  17. Cargo Racks and Storage Boxes

Aftermarket Race Harnesses / Safety Belts

We believe any off-roading enthusiast should invest in a quality set of aftermarket 4 point harnesses for their RZR. The factory seat belt simply does not properly contain occupants in the event of a rollover or accident. Also another good idea for inexperienced passengers is a set of arm restraints. These strap to the harnesses and in the event of a rollover keeps the passengers arms inside of the vehicle.

Aftermarket Full or Half Windshield

If your UTV did not come with a factory windshield these are a nice addition that makes trail riding more enjoyable. A half windshield is a good option for if you want it more open but also want air flow at high speeds deflected up and over your head so it’s easier to see. We also have full windshields. These offer the most protection but keep in mind that one issue with running just a front windshield is that it creates a back draft situation where air is sucked into the cab from the sides at speed. This can be lessened greatly by adding a cab back cover.

Rear View Mirrors

Adding a set of rear view side mirrors to your Side by Side is a nice addition because they come in handy when trail riding by being able to more easily see behind you. We recommend finding a quality set of rear view mirrors that are convex. The ones with just flat glass do not display a lot, and feels like you are trying to view what’s behind your RZR through a small porthole. A center mounted rear view mirror is also nice to have. We recommend the 9” panoramic rear view mirror we carry in our store.

Spare Parts & Basic Trail Tools

One very wise investment to your new UTV is to carry some basic spare parts such as a clutch belt and air filter. Also get a gear bag together with basic tools you may need to do trail repairs. Make sure to have a lug wrench and if possible a good off-road jack. There are now a few very good jack options for your Polaris RZR. Hi-Lift jacks and various types of bottle jacks never worked great on a UTV. With a hi-lift there is not really a good place to hook on, and even more so with bottle type jacks they can be very unsafe in off camber situations with unlevel ground. Two very good off-road jack options for your Polaris RZR is an air jack, which is a nylon type bag you insert under your RZR and run off an air compressor to raise it. Another new kind of jack for your RZR is one that is made to connect to the lower shock bolts on your front and rear suspension a-arms or trailing arms. Also make sure to carry a spare tire, and a secure way to carry it. You never know when you will need it. Other spare parts some of the more serious preppers among is include parts such as axle shafts, cv joints, hubs and wheel studs.

Recovery Gear

Having the basics in recovery gear is always a good idea. If riding with a friend you don’t always need a winch to get out of a bind. But it is always a good idea to have a good nylon recovery strap and some secure tow points front and rear. We recommend at least 15 ft of strap and some shackles to secure it at each end. We strongly do not recommend using a chain or the nylon tow straps with hooks at each end. If adding a winch to the front of your RZR there are several aftermarket winch mount options that will work with your factory bumper or you can go with a factory replacement full winch bumper. For winch rope we recommend synthetic over steal. It is much easier to handle than steel cable. If dragged over sharp edges both cable types will start to fray, but we’ve found synthetic cable holds up and lasts a lot longer if properly taken care of.

Skid Plates

Another aftermarket part for new owners for is a set of quality skid plates. The factory plastic skid plates simply do not hold up over time. There are aftermarket skid plates in 2 main options, aluminum and UHMW. There are not too many steel skid plate options mainly because of the weight. We prefer the UHMW skid plates over the aluminum. Both will gouge and get scrapes if dragged over rocks and sharp stumps but the UHMW material will glide over the obstacle a lot easier.

Set of Full Doors or Lower Half-Door Inserts

The factory doors work great for their main function of keeping occupants arms and legs inside of the vehicle and protected from branches and trees. However they do not do a great job of keeping the dirt and mud out. Many owners opt for upgrading to a set aftermarket doors that provide full protection. Another more economical option is to go with a lower door panel kit available from several manufacturers.

Stereo System

Last but not least let’s not forget the tunes! Adding a sound system to your side by side is a great way to add even more enjoyment to your offroad experience by being able to enjoy your favorite music. Instead of bothering with a full head unit with a CD player, most RZR owners opt for a more simple Bluetooth receiver along with speaker pods that are self amplified. Everyone seems to have all their music on their phones these days so it makes a lot of sense, and self amplified speakers make mounting and installation a lot easier.

Upgraded Clutch Belt

One of the main weak links in the Polaris RZR 1000 drive-train is the factory clutch belt. This rubber and Kevlar composite clutch belt is the main thing that puts the power to the ground. The CVT clutch has 2 machined sheaves that compress together as you accelerate and grab the clutch belt to engage and translate the power to the wheels. The absolute main killer of breaking these clutch belts is excessive heat, which deteriorates their strength and will cause them to break. Heat build up in the CVT clutch design is inherent, but using a higher quality clutch belt that can handle higher heat without breaking down in its strength can go a long way. We recommend a higher quality clutch belt from Trinity Racing. In fact, we recommend you going ahead and purchasing one of these, replacing your factory clutch belt right out of the gate. Keep your factory clutch belt on board as a spare to get you back in case you took things too far and broke your upgraded belt. As covered earlier regarding replacement spare parts to have with you on the trail, a spare clutch belt is one we think that should be at the top of the list.

Aftermarket Roll Cage

The factory roll cage is fine for normal trail riding… but if you are the more aggressive driver we highly recommend investing in an aftermarket roll cage. The OEM roll cage can handle simple / slow moving roll overs just fine. However if you really like to get at it, where the unexpected can happen, the factory roll cage will simply not hold up. For those that like long hill climbs, jumping long distances and generally just driving aggressively then you should really add a high quality roll cage to your list of mods. We recommend aftermarket cages that are constructed from DOM tubing and have high quality welds. A mild steel DOM tube roll cage that is MIG welded does the job just fine for most situations and is what we recommend the most. The tinsel strength of the mild steel DOM has great impact absorbent qualities.

Another option for an aftermarket RZR roll cage is one constructed from Chromoly steel tube. Chromoly has a higher strength, and you can get buy with a thinner wall thickness of the tube for the same strength of a mild steel DOM tube. However Chromoly is known to be more brittle, and does not absorb and bend as easily as mild steel DOM. The main reason Chromoly is ever used is because it has a higher strength to weight ratio, so you could save about 30-40 pounds on your cage if you are racing competitively. However for most of our customers we recommend going with a DOM mild steel cage, either MIG or TIG welded is fine. Usually, with most shops that are choosing to TIG weld their roll cages, they have to spend more time in making the tube notches a more precise fit because a TIG weld does not cover a larger gap between the tubes as easily as a MIG weld. Also TIG welding a cage can take on average about three times longer to weld than a MIG welded cage so that will play a large part in the price.

Off-Road Lights

As we all know weekend trail riding weekends run long, and some of the most fun trail riding happens late into the night, after you’ve eaten around the campfire and have gotten bored it’s strange how the urge will spring up to go hit the same trails you did that day in the pitch dark. So this is why we recommend investing in some high quality offroad lights for your RZR. There are many lights to choose from, from halogen, HID and LED. However we strongly recommend with going with LED lights, mainly because of their super low power draw that won’t put a strain on your RZR’s electrical system. LED lighting technology has come a long way. Mainly due to Rigid Industries (formerly known as Edge Lighting). This company pioneered LED lighting technology to where it is today.

Higher Quality Off-Road Tires

The tires that come factory with the Polaris RZR are decent.. as far as traction goes.. but they really start to suck with leaks, and being easy to puncture. This is why we chose to add higher quality off-road UTV tires to your list of mods. Nothing can ruin a fun day on the trail more than a ripped sidewall on your factory tire. A few of our favorite aftermarket UTV tires that we’ve had great success with (great traction and bulletproof) are from Super ATV and ITP.

Stronger Wheel Studs

Some relatively cheap insurance preventing a ruined wheeling day are some stronger aftermarket wheel studs. When things get rough on the trail the factory RZR wheel studs can be a real weak link. For the cost of some stronger aftermarket ones it is a no brainer to swap them out and have that peace of mind.

Aftermarket Suspension Seats

The factory RZR seats are just fine.. for about 30 minutes of driving. They are somewhat comfortable at first, but they absolutely do not provide proper containment and cushion over rough terrain. As you put in those G forces around corners it is irritating to be sliding around in your seat, and the factory seats do not provide proper back support and cushion to absorb hard impacts. A few of our favorite off-road RZR seats we carry are from PRP and Twisted Stitch.

Performance Exhaust System

Nothing makes you really feel like you are getting more performance out of your RZR than an aftermarket exhaust system. However, not all exhaust systems available for the RZR are created equal. Don’t judge an exhaust performance by it’s sound. Some of our favorite RZR XP 1000 exhaust kits are manufactured by Trinity Racing and HMF. We also used to love Muzzys exhaust systems but they have recently closed business. Rob Muzzy was a legend in running a successful motorcycle racing team for several decades and when UTV’s came onto the scene they and their expertise were their to deliver some of the best RZR exhaust systems available.

Now that they are no longer available our top choices for our customers are Trinity Racing and HMF.

Check out our blog for a complete run down on RZR XP 1000 Specs and Price Guide.

We Strive to be your Polaris RZR XP 1000 Parts Headquarters. Give us a try today! 

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