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The Coolest Real Batman Vehicles Ever Designed

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This is not a UTV related post. But we found some of these real vehicles created for the Batman series of films too cool not to share. What we like about these vehicles were that with this list these are real working, functional vehicles. Not CGI, these works of craftsmanship, design and art are the epitome of out of the box vehicle design.

First on the list is the Tumbler, from Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy. This one is my favorite. The design on the front end, the suspension, and the steering, is an engineering masterpiece. 

Batman Vs. Superman Batmobile

Second to the Tumbler, this Batmobile from the Batman vs. Superman movie is an excellent engineering piece of work. 

Batmobile from Batman Returns from 1989

Original 1966 Batmobile

And last but not least, the original Batmobile! This iconic vehicle was originally a 1955 Lincoln concept car - the "Futora". George Barris, the same guy that designed the Monster Coach for the Monsters TV show, the Beverly Hillbillie's car and several other iconic custom cars for TV shows and movies in that era redesigned it for the Batman TV show. Interesting fact, in 2013 George Barris sold the original Batmobile at auction for an insane 4.6 million dollars. Now the current owner is looking to get 5 million. 

Of course, if you are on a budget you can get a replica from these guys. 

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