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Roll Cages - RZR XP 900

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The factory Polaris RZR XP 900 roll cage leaves a lot lacking. Many who find themselves in a roll over situation find the XP 900 roll cage simply does not hold up. Offering protection to occupants should be the roll cage's main function obviously. However the factory XP 900 cage should be considered simply as a structure to mount accessories such as a windshield and roof top. Take notice of the disclaimer tag added to your cage. It says something to the effect of "this is not an actual roll cage but an accessory bar" We've seen several RZR wreck cases where it is a wonder the driver and occupants walked away from the incident, and unfortunately we've seen cases where the factory roll cage itself caused added injury to the occupants by both collapsing but also crushing into them. Not to get too serious about this subject but if you cannot tell we strongly recommend an aftermarket roll cage. Accidents can happen when you least expect them and it is always better to have the proper safety equipment.

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