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Polaris General Parts

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When it comes to shopping for side by side parts and accessories for the Polaris General, look no further than UTV Gear HQ. We have a complete selection of aftermarket parts and accessories for the Polaris General UTV in stock including Polaris General bumpers, winch mounts, doors, skid plates, roof tops, windshields, lift kits and more. We have a complete inventory of the best parts at the best prices in stock. Look no further for your General UTV parts.

People have been using Polaris Generals for all types of riding, from deep mud bogging, trail riding to rock crawling. They General is one of our favorite UTV's and we are excited about the new aftermarket parts coming out for them. 

We are adding to our inventory of accessories and aftermarket parts daily. We have new bumpers from Extreme Metal Products, Bad Dawg, and Dragon Fire Racing. We will be releasing a General aftermarket mods guide soon so check back soon! 

Top 15 Polaris General Accessories in 2018

Here is our list of our top 15 best mods for the General. Starting in order with first being modifications or accessories that we feel you should start out with. Some of the obvious things to start out with is safety items such as 4 point race harnesses / aftermarket seat belts, then onto items that protect your General such as bumpers and skid plates. Then there are all the products that fall into the category of creature comforts, or parts that simply make the use of your General UTV more enjoyable.

1. Safety Harnesses 
2. Full or Half Windshield
3. Side Rear View Mirrors
4. Recovery Gear
5. Spare Parts & Trail Tools
6. Aftermarket Air Filter
7. HD Bumpers
8. Skid Plates
9. Performance Clutch Belt
10. Aftermarket Roll Cage
11. Performance Tires
12. Stereo System
13. Engine Performance Parts
14. Off-Road LED Lights & Light Bars
15. Interior Accessories

Polaris General Accessories Videos

Here Dragon Fire covers their line of RockSolid Polaris General products, which we carry the complete line of. 

 Here is a good overview of all of the aftermarket accessories available from Seizmik. We carry their complete line of Side by Side parts. They specialize in door kits, windshields, rear view mirrors, roof tops and cargo solutions. 

Here is Rocky Mountain's top 5 list of Accessories every new UTV owner should look at. 

Polaris General FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Polaris General 1000 Wheel Bolt Pattern?
4/156 is the Polaris General wheel bolt pattern.

What is the Polaris General wheel lug nut size?
12mm x 1.5 is the size of lug nuts on the Polaris General.

What size are Polaris General factory tires?
Polaris General stock tire sizes are 27x9x12 for the front, 27x11-12 for the rear, as well as for the larger 14" factory wheels they have 27x9-14 front and 27x11-14 rear.

 Also check out our Polaris RZR XP 1000 Parts section. 

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