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HMF Polaris RZR XP 1000 Performance Clutch Kit

45.00 LBS
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Product Description

The HMF clutch weight system (Includes:Weights, Helix, Primary and Secondary springs) is designed to address the lack of drivability of today’s high performance ATV / UTV’s. Today’s engines produce high torque at low RPMs requiring heavy clutch weights for the CVT system to operate properly. The system was specifically designed for high performance use. Because of its unique roller track design, this weight immediately senses the need to upshift or back shift, and can move as much as 7 grams from one end of the weight to the other making this the ultimate high performance weight flyweight.

How does it perform on the trail?

For the high performance trail riders; during testing, all test riders reported that this weight never stops pulling. Excellent off-the-corner performance is achieved by moving weight in the form of a ball bearing from the base of the weight to the tip as the clutch shifts out. The highly refined roller track and ball can move as much as 7 grams from the base to the tip. The roller track is designed so the ball is always in motion, no flat spots. The Weight knows instantaneously when to aggressively start your shifting!

Will it work in the mountains?

Rarely can you look at a product and immediately understand how it works. This is one of those products. The weights roller track is designed with shifting in mind. The roller track is flatter on the top than the bottom. So when the secondary clutch senses the need to back shift and provides a slight pull on the belt the weights responds by quickly removing as much as 7 grams the weight from the tip allows the weight to quickly roll back during back shifting. This is the first and only flyweight with a built in back shifting function. It’s the only weight that communicates with the secondary clutch. Now you have a truly smart CVT system, not just two clutches pulling the belt in opposite directions.

HMF has done extensive dynamometer and off road testing to develop a clutch setup that works with our exhaust system and OEM tires.
Clutch weights are infinitely adjustable for whatever tire size or type of terrain you decide to run.
Higher Engine RPM engagement means smother starts from idle with less chatter.
Higher Engine engagement let’s the engine run more in the power band without waiting for the engine to spool up. This means more throttle control when you need it.
Less belt slippage for less heat and longer belt life.
Engine braking eliminated causes less friction on the belt for added belt life. When you let fully off the throttle, engine braking is eliminated. You can still utilize some engine braking by application of throttle control
Special Note: There is no effect on the top speed to the RZR XP1000 with changes to the clutch. Polaris has opted for computer controlled top speed for safety of the driver and occupants of the vehicle.


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