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Dragon Fire Polaris RZR S & 4 Clutch Kit (2010 - 2011)

15.00 LBS
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DragonFire Polaris Ranger RZR Performance Clutch kit for Standard RZR. Kit comes with replacement springs, weights and Aramid Fiber Belt. The tensile strength allows for higher load capability and new taper design dissipates cutch heat and provided larger contact patch for increased efficiency and less slippage. The clutch kit allows for increased horse power to the rear wheels, by improving clutch efficiency. Rear wheel gains were achieved by clutching it to 5800-6000 RPM.

Please order Stage 1 Clutch for Stock RZR no Mods.

Please order Stage 2 Clutch for RZR with exhaust, intake, efi controller etc.


DFR Stage 1 Clutch Kit This is for a stock RZR. The DFR Clutch kit replaces the stock belt with a 100 HP belt, as well as the new weights and springs. We also include a spacer kit with the clutch. This spacer decreases the space between the belt and sheave. The increased clutch weights allow for mid and low end acceleration. 5850 is final drive RPM, with 26 inch tires the RZR will do 62 MPH.

DFR Stage 2 Clutch Kit This is necessary when adding the additional HP that comes with an efi controller, intake and full exhaust. You can not increase power with out proper clutching. We increase the low end Drive squeeze, the RZR gains tremendous low and mid acceleration. 5850 is final Drive RPM, with 26 inch tires the RZR will do 62 MPH.

Removing RZR Factory Spacer:

DO NOT REMOVE: By removing the OE spacer you will create extra overdrive and but at the same time you will compromise your vehicles back shifting. The vehicle will be slower to come out of overdrive, and will constantly pulling too tall of a gear. The second major concern is the belt now rides two low in the secondary. The sheaves that belt rides in have a machined taper. At a certain point, the point where the stock spacer limits the sheave, there is no more taper and the belt will become stuck below the taper causing damage to the clutch and belt, and potential the driver if it bound the motor. Many people have found that this happens while going down hill at high speed.


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